About Us

About Us

What we are

SRC Data Corporation has been servicing the Mid-Atlantic region since 1992. We provide technology solutions ranging from computer hardware and supply purchasing to web solutions and security enhancements.

Our Divisions coordinate services to offer complete solutions to the small and medium sized business market. We focus on:

  • Upfront planning with the customer
  • Understanding the business needs of our customers
  • Offering the most affordable and reliable solutions
  • Standing behind our work

To us, it's a simple formula. That's what we do here at SRC Data Corporation

Our Skills

Network Support Services
Remote Network Monitoring/Management
Responsive Design, Mobile Web Applications, eCommerce
Security Services - Networks/Cameras
On-Site & Remote Network Support

Why Choose Us?


  • Customer Support: When you call, we start working on your IT issue immediately. If we can't fix it remotely, we'll be at your doorway in no time.

  • 100% US-based Support: When you call, you will get a dependable member of our local SRC Data team versus an inexperienced representative outside the country.

  • High Customer Satisfaction: Many of our customers choose SRC Data because they are dissatisfied with their current IT, camera security or web development company. We win business from our competitors because of our focus on best-in-class customer service.

  • On-Site Assessment: We sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your IT and web needs both now and in the future. We are much more than just IT consultants and web developers – we become your trusted technology advisors, as accountable and budget-conscious as any employee.

  • Budget Conscious: We won't try and sell you hardware or software systems you don't need. We base our recommendations on cost-effective solutions, ensuring your IT costs don't spiral out of control.

Our Services

SRC Data understands that your computer network is a vital element of your business. Your network’s availability, reliability, expandability and security are a critical element of your operation. A properly maintained network means enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, less stress, and dramatically decreased downtime. We do this with an experienced team with excellent technical knowledge. If you are interested in learning how we can help you, contact us and we will make arrangements for a system analysis.
With our in-house designers, we recognize the fact that usability, functionality and visualization are three of the most important factors when designing interfaces or websites. An effective website engages visuals and advanced web technologies to successfully connect you with your audience. Whether you are looking for a new website design or looking to give your existing website a new look, we are here to help you with your needs. Contact us today for a free website design consultation and please view our portfolio for examples of our work.
Defending your business from cyber threats has never been so challenging. Is your organization keeping pace? Our managed security services provide the first line of defense. We help our clients identify, understand and effectively deal with security issues before and after they occur. SRC Data will effectively monitor the security of your environment, quickly identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats and focus on your core business needs.
Loss of data due to failure of hardware systems can cost you enormous amounts of time and money. SRC Data is taking advantage of today’s cloud and virtualization technologies to eliminate such losses. We can offer you secure private cloud functionality for your company’s critical business operations. You can backup and restore your files and replicate your business critical systems, all through a secure tunnel from your data center to ours!
SRC Data provides comprehensive business solutions on how best to use information technology to meet your business objectives. From initial assessments through project planning and support, our industry and domain knowledge enable our team to develop the best plan for your organization. With a blueprint for your company that will align your technology and business strategies, we can make you more competitive and more profitable.
High performance systems and specialized platforms like Apple, as well as Linux based computers, are SRC’s specialty. We’re a business-class alternative to some of the consumer focused service centers offered by various retailers. We can address many of the hardware and software problems that you’ll encounter. And, with our expertise in delivering infrastructure services, we can tailor a solution that gives you the highest degree of security and fault tolerance.
Due to the cost-effectiveness of new digital video cameras and recording, video systems are the fastest growing segment of the security industry. We supply and manage a variety of video security systems to meet your company’s needs and budget. Our certified and licensed installers have been trained on not only execution, but account set up and human analysis. With a hosted solution, you can spend your time on your core business and still have all the possibilities from a traditional video security system.


  • Address: 1717 Swede Rd, Suite 102,
    Blue Bell, PA 19422
  • Email: info@SRCData.com
  • Website: www.srcdata.com
  • Phone: (610) 279-4545


From network, security and custom web services SRC Data will help you jump start your business.